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My Booty Looks PERFECT…Thanks to Bombom do Brasil!     A few years ago, I was given two pieces of advice that I continue to follow to this day…. 1) If you’re going to spend money around the home make sure that you get the best bed you can afford, because realistically you spend a large portion of your life sleeping, and its essential that you get the best bed you can afford. 2) Only purchase high quality sexy leggings that are sexy because you wear leggings to look and feel sexy, and cheap leggings looks cheap, and the not the good...

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Meet our CEO

Interview by Voyage LA magazine 

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 We love the articles where we tell the life stories of our students. YES we are prideful of them, and Dany always encouraged that in the staff, encouraged us to be happy that our students are happy. Every student is a reason for pride, both for Dany and for all the staff. Today, we will let our beautiful student, Lisi Birks-Hay, tell how her experience is here in the Escola de Estilo. Hi, like our teacher Dany Padilla always says: Good morning for the morning people, good evening for the night people! I am Lisiane Birks-Hay and today I will...

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How to wear shiny leggings ?

This is a great question.

The leggings are here to stay. Democratic and versatile, they took over the wardrobe. So, why not listen to some tips on how to use them correctly?

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Learn about how to care for your workout clothing!

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