Elizabeth Burke Crocker  recommends Bombom do Brasil. 

February 2019 · 

These are amazing quality! Makes My backside look unreal.

They are even Biodegradable.


Diane Greenberg  recommends Bombom do Brasil.

December 2018 · 

The material is a fantastic quality. The fit is amazing. I love the stitching. The lines are very strong and have a lot of integrity. Overall, the product will last and will maintain it's value.

Dawn Rosenmayr reviewed Bombom do Brasil — 5 star

December 2017 ·

Omg, love the pink one so much that I had to buy every other color!I’m shocked how well I️t lifts your butt!And how comfy they are!! Can’t wait for more styles...

Robyn Puglia reviewed Bombom do Brasil — 5 star 

December 2017 · 

These leggings are gorgeous!! If you love to exercise or to live in athleisure, grab a pair or two.

Gloria Tavora reviewed Bombom do Brasil — 5 star

July  2018 · 

Comprei e adorei minha legging . Saio da ginástica e vou as compras com conforto e elegância usando minhas bombom.

Mariana Lopes F. Monteiro reviewed Bombom do Brasil — 5 star

Eliana Lorenz reviewed Bombom do Brasil — 5 star

June 19, 2018 · 

As leggings são maravilhosas.

Veridiana Marchevsky reviewed Bombom do Brasil — 5 star 

July 25, 2018 · 

Jessica Pluskowski  recommends Bombom do Brasil.March 2019 · 

I am in love with these leggings. So comfy and they hug all the right places!!