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My Booty Looks PERFECT…Thanks to Bombom do Brasil!

by Lisi Winter 19 Oct 2021 0 Comments

My Booty Looks PERFECT…Thanks to Bombom do Brasil!



A few years ago, I was given two pieces of advice that I continue to follow to this day….

1) If you’re going to spend money around the home make sure that you get the best bed you can afford, because realistically you spend a large portion of your life sleeping, and its essential that you get the best bed you can afford.

2) Only purchase high quality sexy leggings that are sexy because you wear leggings to look and feel sexy, and cheap leggings looks cheap, and the not the good kind of “cheap” that you want with leggings.



Leggings Improve Intimacy…

When you’re wearing sexy leggings you feel sexy, in control, in charge. Your partner will find watching you walk around or working out in sexy leggings arousing. The trick here is not to get leggings that they like. You need to get leggings that you feel confident in. I love my big booty, so I always get leggings that really highlight off my ass!

Leggings Can Hide Flaws…

As mentioned above leggings have the benefit of hiding those particular marks that you want hidden. It gives you the opportunity to hide those ones and show off your best assets. If you love your ass like I do, then get leggings that highlight that, if legs are your main thing then show them off with some metallic and shiny materials!

Leggings Improve Your Mood…

When you’re feeling more confident and sexy, your mood will change. That’s why I wear sexy leggings when I’m feeling down, it’s an instant mood booster and will leave you feeling more confident with your life in general.

Leggings Make Sex More Fun…

I love showing off my body in leggings right before letting someone take them off of me. Nothing is hotter than bending over in front of a guy with your booty in his face asking him to slowly remove your leggings with his mouth. If you have never done this, then you need to do it.

Leggings Make Working Out More Motivational…

If you look good at the gym, then you will feel good at the gym, and you work out much BETTER when you feel confident and sexy!

Make Sure To Buy The Best Leggings Possible..



Finally, make sure you buy the best leggings available. Sexy & EXTREMELY classy leggings do not have to be expensive, but you really have to know where the best leggings are sold, and in my opinion the sexiest & classiest leggings are sold online at Bombom do Brasil!

ABOUT Bombom do Brasil



Bombom do Brasil is here to bring some much-needed South American flair to the humble pair of leggings. You see, we hail from a country where body confidence is not just a way of life, it is a fundamental way of life. We are living proof that the better you look on the outside, the better you feel on the inside. That’s the simple secret behind the effervescent spirit of our nation, and the feeling we wanted to share with the world when we set up Bombom do Brasil.

To capture that spirit, our product is hand-made from start to finish in Brazil, all of our fabrics also hail from our country. Limited edition, and exclusively numbered. Each design is inspired by the Brazilian spirit and culture, and features our uniquely designed stitching across the seat, to enhance a naturally rounded appearance to the butt. After all, if there’s one thing we Brazilians know, it is that a little butt-shaping and leg-tightening can have eye-popping and traffic-stopping results.

Jenny’s TOP Bombom do Brasil Leggings Picks!!

Now if you need some help deciding which leggings to start with from Bombom do Brasil’s AMAZING selection of leggings, then I’d like to steer your attention toward the 3 sexy & classy pair of leggings below that’ll make you feel more confident and sexy than ever before…




Made from a fabric that has a metallic sheen, this design was inspired by the oceans of Brazil, and shimmers with all their tropical glory. They are perfect in the gym and out on the town.

Visit Bombom do Brasil to learn more about their SAPPHIRE BLUE Leggings!




Pull-on styling with body-flattering anatomical seaming, featuring our uniquely designed stitching across the seat, to enhance a naturally rounded appearance to the butt, tummy-tuck waistband offering exceptional fit for all women regardless of their size, shape or life adventure.

Visit Bombom do Brasil to learn more about their METALLIC BLUE Leggings!




The high performance fabric hug and sculpt the contours of your body allowing complete freedom of movement and day-to-evening comfort – Leggings are fashioned for unlimited go-to wardrobe interpretations.

Visit Bombom do Brasil to learn more about their LUXE LABEL BLACK FLOWER Leggings!

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