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by Lisi Winter 25 Aug 2020 0 Comments

 We love the articles where we tell the life stories of our students. YES we are prideful of them, and Dany always encouraged that in the staff, encouraged us to be happy that our students are happy. Every student is a reason for pride, both for Dany and for all the staff.

Today, we will let our beautiful student, Lisi Birks-Hay, tell how her experience is here in the Escola de Estilo.

Hi, like our teacher Dany Padilla always says: Good morning for the morning people, good evening for the night people! I am Lisiane Birks-Hay and today I will share a little on who I am, what I do, and why I chose Dany Padilla to be my mentor.

I was born and raised in Porto Alegre, I am married and I have a 6 years old son. I have lived in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paris and London, but I’ve been living in San Francisco, CA in the US for the last 8 years.

I realized I was into fashion in my early childhood. I was born and raised amongst reams of fabric, as my mother has been a seamstress for the last 50 years. At 6 years old, I was already making clothes for Barbie dolls and selling them to my school friends.

In my early twenties, I attended Hospitality college, but I didn’t feel it was what I wanted, so I left to explore my options in other professional careers. I love animals and I always dreamed about working with dogs, so soon after I moved to London, I undertook a 2 year international qualification in dog grooming. I graduated, specializing in show dogs, and worked as a dog groomer until the seventh month of my pregnancy, after which I devoted myself fully to being a mother. Like many of us women, I put on a lot of weight during the pregnancy (around 65 pounds), and I almost became diabetic. After my son’s birth, I was very unhappy and suffered from low self-esteem.

I started frequenting a local gym, and there I noticed that everyone wore dark colors, like they wanted to hide. The energy of the place was heavy. I decided, then, to bring the Brazilian energy and brightness to the USA (and now, the world), through our colors, prints and cuts. Of course, when we think about Brazil, we also think about one of Brazil’s passions, the “Brazilian woman’s BumBum”.

I researched then a way to help other women around the world to have a round shaped rear, more like the one Brazilian women have, and I put my ideas in practice bringing a bit of our style to the rest of the world.

The result of all of this was BomBom do Brasil, the active-wear company I founded, focused on leggings, to bring self-confidence to women through our unique prints, with our Brazilian cut and style.

I chose Dany and the Escola de Estilo for several reasons. First of them being how I fell in love with Dany and the Escola de Estilo, when I saw her livestream on my friend’s, Jordana Luchetti, site. Of course, there are a ton of capable coaches in America, but Dany just made me feel secure. It’s a different kind of energy… You know that energy that goes “BOOM”? Our energies matched!

The detail that made my mind up, that convinced me to do the Self-Image Consultant course Dany offered, is that it is completely online. I could do it while still giving attention to my 6 years old child, my priority. It made my life easier, I could do the classes at any time, and according to my schedule. And then there’s the price; it’s super accessible!

The way Dany received me, cleared my doubts on the spot. I’m still at the start of the program, but I’m already in love with everything and everyone. I’m certain it will add a lot, not only to my professional life, but also to my personal life.

My biggest fear is speaking in public and here I am, recording this video speaking about my initial experience with the classes and with Dany. I’m the type that doesn’t REALLY like to speak in public: I shake, I feel constrained, and I’m here, facing my fear after listening to Dany’s lectures that so encouraged me.

Would I recommend the Dany’s Self-Image Consultant Class, would I recommend Escola de Estilo?

Of course, with no doubt! And I’m already recommending it to many people I know. If you know me, I always say: My imagination is fertile! I already work on the feminine sportswear niche, but I have a dream of turning leggings into a key piece in any closet.

in my opinion, leggings are the new jeans, just a lot more comfortable and practical. I’m studying with Dany to help my clients dress up with more confidence through my consulting as a personal stylist. This way, they can focus on pieces that will enrich their body and skin tone, enrich their features, and bring even more versatility to their wardrobe.

I’m super happy to be a part of Escola de Estilo, and I’m anxious for what’s to come!

Does anyone doubt that Lisi is fully happy and fulfilled with the 2.0 Image Consultant Class by Escola de Estilo? No? Yeah, me neither.

If you work in fashion, or like the fashion world and wish to start your own empowered career, do as Lisi has done; watch the free class available on the top of the screen, clicking in the yellow rectangle and know how dynamic the classes are, and know how charismatic a teacher dani is. 🥰

A kiss in the ❤️ from all of the staff of Escola de Estilo Dany Padilla,

Article written by Carla Braga (Escola de Estilo Staff), testimony (by video and interview) from Lisiane Birks-Hay.


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