How to Wear Your Shiny Leggings


How to Wear Your Shiny Leggings

How to wear your shiny leggings

The leggings are here to stay. Democratic and versatile, they took over the wardrobe. So, why not listen to some tips on how to use them correctly?

Who can and who can't use them

A woman's body type is a frequent question when it comes to leggings. But who believes that the chubby are prohibited from using them, is wrong.

The fuller ones should take some basic precautions, such as avoiding colored metallic leggings in shades like purple and green. Dark colors in this case can be the ideal choice.

Those with wide hips, for example, should not bet on blouses with length above the hip.

Wear your pants with a looser, drier dress just above your knees. Leggings and sneakers of the same color also make the silhouette more slender and elongated.

Avoid stripes.

Invest in the accessories, as they are great for looking away from the buttocks and legs.

What to use them with

The leggings are so versatile that they can build completely different looks. Just watch how the famous ones use them. At parties and evening occasions, you can combine them with mini dresses, jewelry, high heels and gold chain bags.

In everyday life, a simple dress and a sneaker already guarantee the look.

The leggings are cool with lightweight tank tops, knit sweaters and cardigans. As the 1980s are booming, bet on a romantic look with robes, sneakers and flower accessories. For a modern look, vests, tailoring shorts, suit jackets and shoelaces are perfect.

What to put on the feet

The possibilities are many when choosing the shoes. Ankle boots, ballet flats, Oxford lace-up shoes, high heels and sneakers are allowed. You just have to be careful with flat sandals.

How are people wearing leggings?!?! ...

In short, leggings is a confirmed trend that can be worn on all occasions, 24 hours a day, hooray…!

Let's invest in the look with the leggings, remembering that as the pants already have shine, combine with something simpler, or divert attention to another region of the body.

I hope you enjoyed.



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