Bombom do Brasil is here to bring some much-needed South American flair to the humble pair of leggings. You see, we hail from a country where body confidence is not just a way of life, it is a fundamental way of life. We are living proof that the better you look on the outside, the better you feel on the inside. That’s the simple secret behind the effervescent spirit of our nation, and the feeling we wanted to share with the world when we set up Bombom do Brasil.


To capture that spirit, our product is hand-made from start to finish in Brazil, all of our fabrics also hail from our country. Limited edition, and exclusively numbered. Each design is inspired by the Brazilian spirit and culture, and features our uniquely designed stitching across the seat, to enhance a naturally rounded appearance to the butt. After all, if there’s one thing we Brazilians know, it is that a little butt-shaping and leg-tightening can have eye-popping and traffic-stopping results.