New Year, New You, Love you Giveaway

The new year is almost here, which means...RESOLUTIONS! Almost everyone  has at least one goal do achieve, and let's be honest, we're not always so kind to ourselves when thinking of all the ways we want to change.

Whether it's to eat healthier, sleep better, get more exercise, or any of the other common resolutions, it seems like many of them stem from a place of not truly loving ourselves. We see something wrong with ourselves, and so we develop a resolution to change it. A common phrase this time of year is "new year, new me!" as though we need to reinvent ourselves completely. Well, we here at Bombom Do Brasil activewear think you're pretty dang awesome already! We don't want the decisions you make this new year to stem from a place of negativity about yourself, and furthermore we don't want you to feel like you have to completely change who you are.

For the new year, we want you to think differently! Here is our challenge: write down all of your accomplishments this year, whether personal or professional, and reflect on how YOU managed to make those amazing things happen. Think about what you love about yourself and about ways that you can love yourself even BETTER. Think about how you can be a good friend to yourself and love yourself the way you deserve and the way you love others. Let your positive thoughts and resolutions come from that positive place of loving yourself, and let that carry you towards a year of self-love.  

We want to help one lucky person out with loving herself better this year by giving away a HUGE package of self-care goodies. Click the link below to nominate yourself or a well-deserving person in your life for a chance to win a pampering package valued at $750!

Winner will be announced live on Facebook on Friday, January 8th, 2022

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Bombom Do Brasil (activewear)  

$100 gift card worth of products 

Bombom do Brasil is an activewear company, specializing in designing leggings that bring the spirit and energy of Brazil to women the world over. Since the day we opened our doors, it has been our mission to give women the shot of body confidence they deserve, with eye-popping and traffic-stopping results. Produced using fabrics from Brazil, with designs inspired by the culture and character of the country, every pair is sustainable and hand made with love, before making its way here to California. Eco-friendly leggings, products for sustainable living.

"Sexy isn't a shape, it's an attitude".

Instagram:  @Bombomleggings

Facebook:  Bombomleggings




Carolina Flaxman (spinning instructor)

$100 worth of video classes

2 customized video classes ( 45min each)

Carolina is a certified indoors cycling instructor. She loves to help people achieve their goals independent of their current physical condition. She is passionate about motivating people through indoor cycling.

"Life is like a bicycle to keep your balance you must keep moving".

Instagram: @caflaxman

Facebook: Carolina S Flaxman


 Paula Pimentel (personal trainer)

$150 worth of online training session

Paula Pimentel has strong gymnastics background as well as strength, conditioning experience and Olympic lifting. Her programs are based in functional training, cardio and core exercises.

"It's not about being good at something. It's about consistency".

Instagram:https: //

Facebook:https: // 


Ligia Grotta (emotional aromatherapist)

$150 worth of online sessions

Ligia Tiene Grotta has background in Nutrition & Dietetics, recently graduated as Emotional Aromatherapist Adviser her consultancy is holistic, considering mind, body and emotions. 

The EEA sessions consists of a full analysis of the person’s wellbeing and then a conjunction of Aromatherapy + exercises and activities that promote awareness of self and empowerment. 

 “Look at your physical body to hear what your mind is telling you” 




Buddy Ball Band (system)

$130 worth of products including:

Buddy Ball Band System (Ball and band)

BBB Sweater with detachable sleeves

Lifetime class membership access.

Buddy Ball Band was created to solve the ball dropping and helping you get in shape with our moves that tone and slim you down!

"Behind every fear, there is a little girl scared to be the best version of herself"!

Instagram:https ://

Facebook: Buddyball



Catherine Rocha (yoga teacher)

$100 worth of private yoga classes

Catherine is a Yoga Teacher and has also been practsing martial arts for over ten years.

These practices can bring lots of benefits to our body and mind, making us healthier, stronger and raising our confidence and self-esteem.

Catherine hopes that through yoga she can help others to experience these benefits.

Catherine teaches Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin Yoga, she is registered on the Yoga Alliange RYT200

"Yoga means union. The practice of yoga helps to generate this
connection with body, mind and spirit".

Instagram: @Yogawith_cathrochadavies

Facebook: cath.rochadavies